Dry eyes

In this modern life era due to the changes in life style, using of mobiles, computer, and excess mental stress provokes tiredness of eye muscles and leads to low secretion of tears. It creates couple of eye irritations such as scratched eyes, redness, foreign body sensation, etc. Mostly young generation is affected with these issues due to the nature of job.

So few life style changes are beneficial to cure dry eyes permanently.

1) Blink over and over Again;- People blinks less than normal while reading, using computer, driving etc. So make an effort to blink more often to provide some relief from dry eyes.
2) Proper sleep of 6-8 hours gives the optimum relief in the symptoms of dry eyes.
3) Use of sun glasses while going outside helps to block exposure to the micro- elements like heat, dust, smoke, wind etc and save from external irritation.
4) Keep air devices such as hair dryers, fans, car heaters, away from direct eye contact.
5) Drink plenty of water and other fluids which can help to restore moisture to eyes.
6) It is important to try pre moistened eye lids cleansers or baby shampoo to keep eye lashes clean.
7) Avoid rubbing your eyes, as they can make dry eyes even worse.
8) Wash eyes with normal water for 3-4 times a day.
9) Avoid fast food, aerated cold drinks, tobacco, alcohol, and non-veg foods.
10) Consume more green vegetables and fruits with all good source of essential elements.

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