Skin is the first line of defence in the body. It is a protection wrap that acts as a physical barrier between infectious microbes in the environment and body. It is an important aspect for the external appearance and cosmetics as well. But certain skin conditions are present that not only disfigures the face but when left untreated, it may also cause permanent damage to the skin. Acne is a classic example of it. Acne, a common skin problem that affects almost 85% of teenagers and adults. It is referred to as yuvana/tarunya pidika in Ayurveda literature. Acne can be defined as an inflammation of sebaceous glands due to imbalance of androgen. It mainly occurs in teenage years because of fluctuations of hormones during the teenage years. It has a negative impact on the skin and self confidence of an individual. But nowadays, it is a common skin condition amongst both children and adults because of improper diet & Lifestyle (Virudha ahara vihara). 

Ayurveda firmly believes that beauty is not something that is limited to just the external appearance but is a reflection of good internal health. 

Hence, modifications in diet and lifestyle are recommended such as: 
* Have a moderate breakfast, heavy lunch and an early and light dinner (like vegetable or lentil soups or cooked vegetables).
* Prefer eating freshly cooked warm meals as much as possible. Avoid refrigerating and reheating foods.
* In case you eat non vegetarian food, fish is preferred to chicken, ham and red meat. You may consume egg white and avoid egg yolks. 
* Drink 2- 2.5 liters of water (preferably lukewarm) in small quantities throughout the day. 
Certain combinations like milk and fish taken together, taking milk immediately after consuming radish, garlic or tulsi (basil) and daily usage of curd at night can cause skin disorders. 
* Ensure maintaining proper hygiene. Treat dandruff or scalp infection (if any).
* Avoid touching skin and pimples repeatedly. 
* Do not try to squeeze your acne as this can lead to acne scars
* Any form of exercise is a must but make sure to wash your face after exercise, also wash your towels, pillows cover regularly
* Any kind of stimulants including refined sugar or excess salt, preservatives, alcohol, aerated drinks, canned foods, excess chocolate, caffeinated drinks should be avoided. 
* Complete 8 hr night sleep daily, go to bed by 11 pm daily. Avoid day sleep.
* Stay physically active throughout the day. Consider 1hr mild walk/yoga daily or may take part in peer group activities or hobby classes. 
* Avoid physical and mental over strain. 

Recommended Herbs:
Internal use of herbs like Yashtimadhu, Jatiphala, Amalaki, Kushta, Chandana, Sariva, Ushir, Nimba, Haridra, Manjistha, Guduchi are beneficial as these herbs help in purification of blood due to their antimicrobial, antihistaminic, astringent and cooling properties. 

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