Inviting Research Proposals

Since 1998, Chakrapani Ayurveda has been engaged in the Ayurveda consultation, manufacturing of classical as well as proprietary Ayurvedic formulations & various organic teas, teachings and trainings in Ayurveda etc. We strongly believe that Ayurveda is scientific and consistent & continuous efforts of scientific researchers have strengthened the evidence-base of Ayurveda.

Chakrapani Ayurveda moved into a new generation of health care through quality researches. As part of our research activities, we carry out the following areas:

•  Basic Research

•  Literary Research

•  Product Research

•  Clinical Research


Our aim is to club the three areas of Ayurvedic medical science i.e. Teaching, Practice and Research homogeneously to come out with cost effective evidence based Ayurveda practices which evolve less medicines, more focus on counseling and diet & lifestyle modifications to get best results.

We are committed to carry out quality researches that can impact not only on the activities of Chakrapani Ayurveda but to the whole Ayurveda community. Chakrapani Ayurveda seeks to join hands with the individuals and institutions, nationally as well as globally, who have the similar goals towards Ayurveda.

We invite and encourage new research proposals and/or institutional collaborations for quality researches, particularly in emerging research areas and for development of the new products. Clinical trial is our specialty as we have been part of good numbers of clinical trials as well as academic projects. We have vibrant patient pool and have good resources to conduct quality researches.

Completed projects:

•  A clinical study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Liv care capsule in impaired liver enzymes.

Ongoing project:

•  A study on Ayurvedic Formulation to Evaluate the Improvement in Quality of Life in HIV Positive kids in addition to retro viral therapy.