Hello Vishal!
I have received the package! Thank you so very much! I was intriqued with the care and personal attention given to the packaging and sealing. The shirodhara pot is absolutely beautiful! The care taken in preparing the shirodhara pot and packaging is greatly appreciated and acknowledged. I am so excited to use it! I hope to visit your clinic when I come to India!
Thank you so much! It is exquisite!


brian Morrison
About four years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Since that time I had actively been seeking a treatment program that did not involve taking conventional medications. My research led me to schedule a consultation with Dr Rajesh Kotecha from the Chakrapani Ayuveda Clinic in Jaipur India, who was visiting Reno Nevada. During my appointment Dr Kotecha explained to me that whilst the Ayuveda could not cure Parkinson’s, it would provide a means to delay its progression and alleviate some of the symptoms.

The next day I made the difficult decision to travel half way across the world to Jaipur. From the moment I was picked up at the airport by the clinic driver until the end of my stay, my experience at the CAC exceeded my expectations. The entire staff went out of their way to make my stay both comfortable and productive. Dr Kotecha spent time with me every day to explain the different curriculums.

When I left the clinic after ten days of treatment, I felt totally refreshed and energized and I felt that I was armed with a new game plan to deal with my disease.

Feel free to make any additions or deletions to the testimonial as you see fit. I have no problem with you giving out my email address to anyone who has a question.

God Luck

Carlos Silva
Good Evening Manish and Chakrapani,
I’m writing this email to let Chakrapani now that I’ve received the first aid kits two/three weeks ago. Apologies for not having written sooner. 
Also, that I’m very pleased with the contents and the way Chakrapani handled everything: Communications, transport and product presentation, even during the ‘pandemic’.  
It took a while, but it arrived intact, that’s what’s important.
Will reach continue to search for your products for my Ayurvedic practice. 

Best regards,
Carlos Silva

Carole Toulousy – Michel
I spent three weeks in Jaipur and my goal was to learn the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, how they relate to the practice of yoga asanas and to experience the Panchakarma treatment.

For three full weeks, the competent doctors and staff at Chakrapani Ayurvedic Clinic and Research Center took careful care of administering basic Ayurvedic knowledge to me as well as providing me with Panchakarma treatment, so that I experience, first hand, what I was studying.

I had set up my own study program with my subjects of interest and enjoyed, for most of my time in the classroom, private classes with the different doctors. Their enthusiasm, application, and their common spirit to push back the limit of knowledge, enticed me to pose a multitude of questions and to insist on points that might not have been understood otherwise.

As a yoga teacher and therapist, I am glad I had some knowledge of Sanskrit and of the basic philosophy at the root of yoga, starting with Patanjali, the eight limbs of yoga and the yamas and niyamas. As it turns out, the terminology is referred to in Sanskrit words, so even though after three weeks, you have almost assimilated the vocabulary which comes back, it is rough at the beginning, as your mind wants to be present and follow the concatenation of underlying principles and ideas.

I learnt a lot between the theory and the practice, every single day, so much that it takes time for them to sink in. I am very glad I did this.

At the same time as I was taking my classes, I was given the Panchakarma treatment. Learning how to recognize your constitutional type is key to the understanding of Ayurveda and panchakarma. Everyday,I was taken care of for my treatment for almost 3 hours. Even though I was not really doing this for ailments, I felt my underlying arthritis go down gradually, my eczema subside completely and my mind calming down instead of being perpetually agitated. Following your prescribed vegetarian diet during the treatment is crucial and taking your remedies make a huge difference. Even after 2 months, I still feel the benefits of my treatment. People seeing me told me I had a glow, I had rejuvenated, etc. And truly, you may not immediately feel the benefits of the treatment, but it might occur later that you feel your body and your have been rebooted, just like a computer.

My experience was full and very satisfactory. I adore all these passionate doctors who dealt with me and my questions. All the staff is very professional and will go far to please you. I would encourage potential patients to also take some classes in order to understand more deeply what panchakarma is about: culinary classes with an emphasis on the use of spices for health, classes about the constitutional types and classes that refer to philosophy. This is not an experience that stops once you are back to your country, you need to revive it to remind your body and your mind about the necessity of your own well-being.

Dear Doctor,
The link for registration doesn’t work correctly (it refuses to send information). So, this is my comment :
“This course about Ayurveda is very interesting and  easy to understand.
The Doctor always answer rapidly to your questions and encourage you to be confident in yourself.
Every unit of the training is well-shaped: you can easily understand the concepts with comparisons which are made for every person of each side of the world: as for eastern one than for western one.
This course made me understand how many mistakes I can do when i don’t respect my constitution (why I have certain troubles, why I am not completely healthy).
Thank you Dear Doctor.
Yours faithfully

Delphine France
Thank you Dr Aditi for your availability in ACAO courses. The courses were clear, exhaustive and well explained. I enjoyed the time devoted.

Dr E. Ramdhani
“The learning experience with the Chakrapani Team was an informative one with a great deal of sharing on both sides of the learning spectrum. The tutors showed great understanding, expertise, and tolerance in ensuring the concepts were well-understood by the student. They placed great emphasis on answering each question raised and each went the extra mile to ensure satisfactory completion of the topics taught.

The doctors were also very pleasant, dedicated, and hardworking with good command of their subject areas.

It was a pleasurable experience and l do look forward to studying with them again.

The team is wished the best in all endeavors.

God Bless!
Dr. E. Ramdhani”
18 August 2020

Franck Journo

Hello to both of you
Just to say that I was delighted by this experience, of great intensity and great wealth in learning.
a team that takes care of patients, both in the professional and emotional.
Thank you to you and see you soon. very nice for the staff

Isabelle Simonetto
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Arditi and all the staff for the last 35 days. My panchakarma experience was truly unique, the fact that Dr Aditi carefully planned each day with all the necessary consideration was exceptional, for which I’m truly grateful.

I was especially trill that the Doctor took the time to consult with me every morning and after my 2:30 hours of treatment, the Therapist was compassionate and kind in administering all the elaborate therapies that the Dortor prescribed for my panchakarma, having her for the full duration of my care was fabulous.

I appreciate the extended offer of support Pre-and post treatment, the Chakrapani Ayurveda clinic is a resource for regaining and maintaining good health.

I’m looking forward to visiting in the near future, perhaps March of 2020. My warmest regards and best wishes too you all!

Isabelle Simonetto 


February 2019.

Karin Nawrath
Dear Doctors
I wanted to say that have studied in Jaipur, was the experience of my life. I think it was an excellent choice to have traveled that far, because I could find study quality and also human quality. Thanks to all who helped me to understand, the ones who teached me technique, and how to reach the patients, to ask the right questions, and get  concrete answers.
Now I’m looking for some job someplace of quality in Chile. I also want to dedicate myself to attend my own patients in my consultation place. So far, people are very satisfied with everything that I have been able to offer.
I hope to come back to India soon, because I really miss you a lot, and I want to keep learning more.
Sometimes I still have dreams about me riding a tuk-tuk or taking off my shoes in the entrance of the clinic, and receiving my hot herbal tea of the morning.

Thanks for everything.

Krishna bless you forever

Sincerly, Karin Nawrath.
Santiago, Chile.

Maria Ligia Conti

I took the Ayurveda ACAO Course. I am fully satisfied. I thank Dr. Aditi for her attention, patience and encouragement. The online course has given me basis to understand the fundamentals of Ayurveda, and have given me an impulse to proceed with with my studies. Thanks to all the team from Chakrapani Ayurveda who made this possible. My plans are to become an ayurveda specialized cook, with a good understanding of the doshas’ needs. By the end of this year (2015) I plan to go to India for some practical classes.

Mary Jo Magar
Dear Manish Ojha,

The parcel arrived safely in today’s post.

Thank you for the reshipment. Thank you especially for the fine products, and also, thank you for the very elegant wrapping of the parcel itself. Everything is greatly appreciated and a privilege to have.

I look forward to ordering again.

With Best Wishes,

Mary Jo Magar

Mati Penuela
Chakrapani is just a piece of heaven on earth! We are blessed to have a place where people are loving, caring professional and knowledgeable to take care of our health and happiness. I had the opportunity to visit Chakrapani in July for three weeks this year and it has been one of the most special experiences of my life! I was treated like a queen, “Maharani”. Everything from the food, accomodation, transportation, etc. to the classes, everything was superb! All my needs were fulfilled and I left feeling healthier, younger and happier! Thank you Dr. Kotesha and staff. I hope to visit you many times. Big hug from Bogotá, Colombia Namaste

Niikura Aki
thank you very much for welcome us and took care of us so kindly.we had a really precious time and unforgetable experience with you.we learned alot lot of ayurveda and culture and heartful india people. i will introduce to japanese abt ”incredible india” and bring more japanese students next time! i already miss all chakrapani! thank you again!

Paolo Di Pietro (USA)
“Taking Ayurveda Therapist Training Program at Chakrapani Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Center in India was one of the wisest investments of time and money I have made in my life. Nowadays, especially in USA, Ayurveda is being so much commercialized that you can’t easily rely on all the centers and institutions that are offering Ayurveda Training. Authentic Ayurveda is a matter of going deep to the roots of Knowledge and not just focusing on money profit. At Chakrapani I really had a genuine Ayurveda experience and training on the motherland of the Vedas (INDIA) were I could at all times feel money wasn’t an end in itself but a mean to a good and complete Ayurveda Therapist Training Program.”

Rie Inamoto
I greatly appreciate that I could complete Ayurveda massage techniques course thanks to your support.
Contents of this course were good, understandable even for beginners like me. She quickly replied to my assignment everytime.

Sami Kiukas
Hello and greetings from Finland!

Here is some testimonial about the Pancha Karma treatment I had there at the Chakrapani June 2019:

Overall the Pancha Karma treatment was very good for me. I took some months to fully feel the effects of the treatment, and see how it worked on the long run.

I’ve been feeling more energy and waking up naturally early in the mornings. My stomach issues are mostly gone, though I still feel my stomach / gut is quite sensitive sometimes. I stopped drinking coffee and eating wheat and most of the cereals – all those seems to irritate my body quite a lot, and after Pancha Karma it was very easy to recognise this. I had absolutely no difficulties in letting go of those foods. Also my eating has become more rhythmic. I also let go of smoking that much Cannabis – I still smoke some, but not that much and I am not missing it when I don’t.

Overall I felt that the Doctors and all staff at Chakrapani facilitated my treatment and 1 week study very well and professionally. From the consultations and studies I also got quite a lot of directions how to integrate Ayurveda into my daily life and the way I see things and take care of myself.

I’ve worked with many healers around the world, and I feel Pancha Karma is one the most healing things to do I’ve found.

Thank you 🙂

I feel like I will go through Pancha Karma again some day. It seems to be true, that it really affects the very roots of the health and disease. 

I would love to continue my studies on Ayurveda, but I could not come to visit India start of this year as I planned. Maybe I can come next year. 

I wonder how to continue the study?

I saw you have some online courses available.

Still I found that personal attention is very very useful in learning Ayurveda. 

I’ve studied it before on some yoga retreats and books and alike, but I felt that there in Jaipur I really started to understand what Ayurveda is about and also to integrate that information into my life. Thats why I would like to continue my studies there. However, since I am not able to travel there at the moment, we could find some other way on the meantime.

Ive been also thinking to ask Ossi Viljakainen to teach me here in Finland. I understood he has studied there in Jaipur with you?

What would you suggest?


Sami Kiukas

Sylvain Trias
Dear Dr. Lakshmi,

Thank you for all the details. I am really looking forward this practical curriculum and already impatient to spend my first 2 months at your place.

I also greatly appreciate the quality of communication with you and the effort you put on understanding and customizing your curriculum. These elements where decisive for me to select your clinic as training center.

Have a good day,


Talal al Hamad
Thank you manish parcel is well received.

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for another fine year of high quality products, and i look forward to another great year with your fine company. I also wish to express appreciation at wholesale prices, and will be placing larger quantity orders soon accordingly.

I have one question regarding your herbal oils, for example your mahanaryan, are they all produced on site at your facility? or outsourced?

Warmest wishes to you


Valerie Tello
Dear Dr. Lakshmi,

I arrived safely at home in my tiny island.
The trip went very well. Thank you again for your valuable help.
It’s a bit strange to find myself here. I miss you very much. I think about you everyday and I repeat your advice when I feel that I am becoming sad. It is very cold. My house is old and badly heated. Fortunately I can make a fire in the fireplace. It keeps me company with my Chihuahua. I found my mother and my sister. I do not think I told you that my sister is heavily disabled. She has a degenerative polihartritis very grâve. She can not get up from her bed anymore. Sometimes the responsibility of my mother and my sister weighs heavily. More the divorce that does not advance. I was lucky to be able to do Panchakarma with you. I feel that this month of care has given me strength. I was exhausted. I take my treatment with rigor.
I received the package on December 5, it’s amazing!
Everything has arrived intact. It lacked the copper pot, and spices like pepper, cardamom, seeds of fennel and cumin. Maybe they will arrive in another package. Otherwise it does not matter.
Dr. Lakshmi, you are a wonderful person both inside and out. Having you as a doctor is a great chance.
Have a great day,

Valerie Tello