It is located in Bogota and focuses in an integral insight of the patient, offering resources of Biological and Functional Medicine. Quale. Vita integrates the approach of Ayurveda and other complementary sciences and practices for promoting healthy styles of life in the patient.

Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center providing traditional Ayurvedic treatments, health consultations, nutrition and lifestyle corrections, herbal remedies, skin care, guided meditations, yoga one on one, Shiatsu, along with other Western bodywork therapies.

A portal worth visiting for the persons having interest in alternative systems of health and spirituality.

A site of Steven hairfield, Ph.D. – Steven’s lectures are full of love, wisdom, and guidance for understanding higher spiritual concepts and applying them to your daily life.

Yoga holidays: A listing of yoga and ayurveda holidays all over the world

Ayurveda health consultations and educational lectures, workshops and courses including Ayurvedic Pulse Technique offered by Shekhar Annambhotla in Pennsylvania, USA

Centro de Ayurveda, Villa de Leyva-Colombia

Health directory and health resource on the web

Online healthy directory and medical portal.

Extensive health resource brings trustworthy information and service from national sources on topics and categories
such as health.

The Ayurdiets system offers you a unique, legendary and personalized methodology.

Samsons Secret manufactures an all natural hair growth product made from quality herbal extracts of essential vitamins and minerals. This unique hair loss product stimulates natural hair regrowth in men and women.

OCHS Hair Formula is a herbal hair loss treatment and natural hair re-growth products. Get a long term remedy for a receding hairline

Yoga Classes in Bangalore- Shwaasa guru offers Yoga classes,Yoga Teacher Training, Corporate Classes, Therapy & Retreats in Bangalore.

A website that helps men and women fight hair loss naturally.

Body and Mind is an Online Health Directory. We promote people who offer a wide variety of complementary therapies and products from Aromatherapy to Zen Meditation. On Body and Mind you will find a countrywide directory of health professionals and an online shopping facility where products to improve overall health can be purchased.
10 Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin Supplements

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