Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage)

The Head is the most important part of the body, carrying five sense organs, eight of the body’s ten gates or apertures, most auspicious point called Brahma randhra. Abhyanga (massage) always begins with the head. Massaging the head and scalp increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and strengthens the nervous system. Stimulations on the marma point encourage the flow of vital energy (prana) through the head region.

Ask the patient to sit comfortably on a chair and apply oil on the head at anterior fontanelle (Brahma randra), part of the head where high ponytail would go (shikha) and atlanto occipital area (krikatika). Make small partitions all over the scalp and apply oil. Massage can be done in a wave-like, circular, and spider like manner. Then do massage on the forehead in circular movements. Later press on pressure points using your index finger and thumb. Massage back of the ear followed by front ear. Then do massage the neck alternatively with one hand and then the other. Later we can massage shoulders with strokes, circular movements, and pressing. Brush at the base of the scalp with the palm heel alternatively with both the hands, moving the palm heel over the hair and scalp. Do plucking step on the scalp like a bird pecking. At last press the marma points, where we hold prana the vital energy.

• Head massage improves intellect, memory, and concentration.
• It provides deep relaxation to the head and scalp and helps awaken creativity centers in the brain.
• Head massage relaxes eyes, improves face complexion and is good for ears.
• It promotes good sleep and relieves restlessness.
• It relieves anxiety, stress and depression and promotes relaxation.
• Daily head massage strengthens and rejuvenates the nervous system. Increases blood circulation to the brain.
• Head and scalp massages help to prevent migraine, tension headache and cluster headache.
• Heart, eyes, lungs, the stomach also become toned as a result of head massage.
• Helps prevent backache, neck pain and shoulder joint pain.
• It is recommended in conditions like dry hair and scalp.
• Scalp massage prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Nervous diseases, Anxiety, Headache, Migraine, Depression, Restlessness insomnia, cervical spondylosis, Dandruff, Hair loss, Dry split hair, etc.