Our feet are said to be a main part of our body as they carry the whole of our body weight. So a certain amount of pressure is always maintained on our feet. Many people tend to suffer from dryness, cracks on the heel etc and often it becomes a neglected part, so foot care is an important aspect in order to maintain the health and beauty of the feet for a long time.


The steps include the cleaning process initially to remove the accumulations on the surface of the legs and the nail bed. Then the soaking process is done in a medicated decoction which has an anti-microbial action. This also loosens and removes the dirt from the surface and the warmth increases the localized circulation. This is followed by the external oleation of the legs to combat the dryness of the legs and the finger nails. Then scrubbing is done with the help of a herbal scrub. Due to this process the dry and dead skin is peeled out and gives a good glow to the legs and feet. Reflexology massage is done on the legs using various shining creams. The wrapping and application of the herbal paste is done to maintain the health and glow of the feet.


  • Pedicure encourages the renewal of the skin by removing the dead skin which usually leads to bunion, corns.
  • It gives a feeling of lightness to your feet.
  • Prevent any infection of nails or sole of your feet.
  • Keeps your fingernails lustrous and shining.


  • Cracked heels.
  • Dryness of foot.
  • Brittle nails of legs.
  • Relaxation.
Ayurvedic Pedicure
Ayurvedic Pedicure

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