It is the method where medicated oil is instilled and filled in the ears. Karna purana can be done in both diseased as well as healthy condition as a part of daily regimen for prevention of diseases.


After proper massage and sudation done around the ear, the patient is asked to lie down in lateral position. The prescribed sneha (ghee or oil) is then filled with the help of a dropper. An ear plug in placed in the ear cavity. The same procedure is followed in the other ear as well. Patient has to stay in this position for at least 10-15 minutes. Ayurveda suggests ear shall be filled till 100 matra in shiroroga, 500 matra in throat related diseases, and 1000 matra in shiroroga. Then remove the oil from ears carefully.

Oils used in Karna purana:

Sesame oil, Dhanwantaram oil, Anu oil, Vaca lasunadi oil, Bilwa oil, Kshara oil, Sarshapa oil, Panchaguna oil, Nirgundi oil etc.

Benefits of Karma Purana:

  • It nourishes the ear and decreases vata dosha.
  • It is indicated for deafness, ear ache, tinnitus, stiffness of neck, poor hearing, ringing in the ears and lock jaw.
  • Prevents ear imbalance and vertigo.
  • Reduces itching and dryness of the ear.
  • Soothes and cleanses the ear.
  • Daily use of karna purana prevents the occurrence of ear diseases.

Contraindications of Karna purana:

  • Ear drum rupture
  • Ear injury
  • Burns that affects ear

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