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Ayurveda Consultation

Nadi Pariksha

Chakrapani Ayurveda clinic & research centre, Jaipur has expanded its broad spectrum to corners of the world through Ayurveda consultation, Training & Panchakarma in an authentic manner. Ayurveda consultation provides you a one-stop s...

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Ayurveda Panchakarma


Panchakarma treatments are Ayurveda cleansing and detoxification treatments which are effective on both physical and mental levels. The body and mind get revitalized and rejuvenated from the stress and strain of everyday life with Ayurveda Pan...

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Ayurveda Training

Learn Ayurveda

Ayurveda Training Chakrapani Ayurveda situated in Jaipur, India with the mission of taking Ayurveda to every doorstep and teaching authentic Ayurveda. It takes pride in offering Ayurveda Training programs conducted by team of highly qualified...

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Customer Testimonials

Mary Jo Magar

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Sami Kiukas

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Valerie Tello

Dear Dr. Lakshmi,   I arrived safely at home in my tiny island. The tr read more

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healthy food -ama

What is Ama & How to eliminate it from your system?

In common language, Ama means unripe or uncooked food. Various components of the food and body tissues are the fuel of various types of Agni (Digestive fire). In any circumstances where Agni cannot digest or combust the fuel, the results are an undigested, toxic and obstructive kind of substance called Ama. Ama from food may b ... read more



Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems that we are facing. In Ayurveda it is termed as ‘vibandha’ which formed due to the improper state of agni in the body. Agni or otherwise the digestive fire is the one which is responsible for the proper absorption and assimilation food ... read more

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