Nadi swedan is a unique form of swedan procedure where sweating is induced by passing steam over the body part by using a special instrument known as nadi sweda yantra. The steam is passed through a rubber tube fitted to the instrument and it is an easy method of applying heat to a localized part of a body.

Application of oil to the body part that is to be subjected to sudation(sweating) treatment, followed by passing the steam to the same part with help of a tubular pipe is the procedure of nadi swedan.

Benefits of Nadi Swedana

  • Relieves pain.
  • Relieves oedema.
  • Brings softness to the body.
  • Reduces the stiffness of the joints and keeps them mobile.
  • Improves the process of blood circulation.
  • It helps in removing the mala of the body.
  • It removes muscular stiffness.


  • Sandhi vata (osteo arthritis)
  • Pakshaghata (paralysis)
  • Bala pakshaghata (polio myelitis)
  • All vata related disorders
  • Shwasa (asthma)
  • Kasa (cough)
  • Ardita (facial paralysis)
  • Gridhrasi (sciatica)
  • Manyashula (spondylitis)
  • Katishula (back ache)

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