Tips for Osteoarthritis :
•    Avoid repetitive motions.
•    Do Exercise / yoga regularly.
•    Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
•    Include milk , yogurt, green leafy vegetables as a calcium supplement in diet.
•    Start taking Rasayana (customized rejuvenation formula of herbs) prior to the onset of the perimenopausal phase  without waiting for the onset of the menopause.
•    Receive regular Ayurveda oil therapies.
•    Avoid standing  for long hours.
•    Avoid climbing stairs, use escalators or elevators.
•    Avoid low height bed, chairs, toilets.
•    Use a walking aid, special shoes, soft surfaces to reduce shock on the joint.
•    Use a shoe orthotic with a heel wedge for better alignment.
Treatments offered at chakrapani for Osteoarthritis:

•    Janu Basti:  Retention of oil over the joint  in a ring like structure formed using dough made from black gram helps in improving the circulation  and inflammation, and also helped in resolving the ama localised in the joints.
•    Nadi Swedanam: Oleation with warm medicated pain relieving oils followed by localized steam using a pipe attached to a steam generating container filled with herbs .
•    Patra Pinda Swedanam: Oleation with warm medicated oils followed by hot compress and fomentation using boluses made of herbs.
•    Matra basti: This is a form of enema by which a fixed amount of ghee or oil (medicated) is inserted in the body.

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