Top 5 remedie for Constipation in kids

Constipation is one of the major and most common problem that we are facing. According to Ayurveda, it is nothing but the improper state of agni in the body. Agni or otherwise the digestive fire is the one which is responsible for the proper absorption and assimilation food. If agni is not working properly, the whole digestive functions get affects. Without any age barrier it affects the whole age group ranging from children to adult and even the old people. If it stays longer in the body it will create more problems, so as earlier get rid off. The very easy and simple method to get off from constipation, which is specifically designed for children in 5 simple steps are given:

Here we are introducing the 5 easy tips to get rid of the constipation and stay healthy .

1. Take 1tsp Triphala choorna daily at night time with warm milk will help for constipation.
2.. 1tsp of castor oil at night at bed time is highly beneficial.
3. Daily intake of warm milk at night is also having results for the same.
4. Add more fruits and veggies which is having more fiber contents.
5. Atleast 2litres of water per day is very important