NIA Visit of Italian group

The Italy group visited National Institue of Ayurveda, on 24th august 2017, to experience and deepen their knowledge in Ayurveda. Dr. Dhanya , the young professional of Chakrapani introduced them the NIA campus and guided them to accomplish the visit. During the visit  Dr.Deepthi PG sholar and Dr. Amith Phd scholar from the department of dravyaguna assisted them. The herbal garden , the dry herb museum, the pharmacy, tablet section, panchakarma department, therapy rooms, hospital side was visited with the help of these students.

The team met Dr. Sanjay Shirma, the director NIA, and discussed about Ayurveda and its scope in the presence of Prof. Dr. Pawan , the HOD Nidana, NIA.

The group were delighted to share the enriching experience and appreciated the learning during their NIA visit and  stay at Chakrapani. The group on completion of their training thanked the whole team Chakrapani, and look forward to come again to Chakrapani.