20 days Ayurveda Treatment and Training program for group from IRAN

Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center continued its on-going legacy of broadening the reach of Ayurveda, by organizing Panchakarma treatment and Training Programs for 32 people from Iran over the span of 20 days.

Commencing from the 17th of November, the Iranian people arrived in two groups, under the leadership of  Dr. Evyazi and Mr. Sasani respectively. After a warm welcome, they were given detailed consultations by our experienced Ayurveda doctors, inclusive of body constitution analysis, health assessment and general instructions regarding Panchakarma and internal medicines.

Out of the 32, some of them chose to enroll in the training programs in addition to getting their treatments. Vaidya Lakshmi conducted the training classes on basic therapeutic procedures, which were well-received and an informative experience for all the trainees.

The Panchakarma treatment carried out for both groups was a resounding success, with improvements seen all around and sincere appreciation by the groups for our faculty at Chakrapani. They demonstrated a definite desire to adopt Ayurveda as a means of achieving a healthy life.

We hosted Certification Ceremonies on the 25th of November and the 6th of December for both groups respectively. The ceremonies were marked by congenial interaction amongst all and an exchange of tokens of appreciation and respect between all members. Notably, the group members were presented with Ayurvedic texts by our faculty, as acknowledgement and encouragement of their interest in Ayurveda.

These annual visits by our Iranian friends are proof of the strength of the bond between them and our team at CACRC, which is a continual source of great happiness to both.

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