The Winter is Coming……

Wow, its feeling chilled, the cold is coming.  After  the decline of the heavy pitched noisy rainy season and the falling of leaves in the autumn the environment prepared herself  for welcoming the snow fall.

The cold atmosphere and cooling breeze. The clear sky with long duration of day time. The night decorated with dew drops, the romantic atmosphere and the foggy morning.

The arrival of winter marks a great change in the health of the individual also. The most dreadful climate according to health system. The most common winter ailments includes common cold, bronchitis, flu, pneumonia…

Apart from this, it can also take its toll on your appearance, causing your hair and skin to look dull, drab and dry.

Tips to overcome Winter Season :

Food :

•  You should take proper quantity of foods.

•  Food that are sweet, sour, salty is recommended during this season.

•  Oil, ghee, food with sour and salt taste recommended.

•  Food prepared with wheat flour, black gram, milk should be partaken as food.

•  Food rich with vit. D is advised.

•  Avoid cold drinks, aerated drinks, which are light to digest foods.

Activities :

•  Hot water for bathing and drinking.

•  Oil massage is highly recommended.

•  Moisturize your feet, then slip on a pair of cozy socks.

•  Moisturize your lips, and keep it hydrated.

•  Exfoliate flaky lips with honey.

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