skipping your food?

Habitually you skipping your food??

Ayurveda suggest to gives special importance to Ahara (diet). Wholesome healthy and nutritive diet nourishes and strengthens the mind, body and soul.  According to Ayurveda, ahara is one among the three sub pillars of life.  The digestive capacity of different from person to person. Quality and quantity of appropriate of food are necessary for a healthy life. 

Proper quantities of food induces proper digestion, promotes maximum absorption of essential nutrients, gives strength and nourish the tissues of body. Commonalty obese person regularly skip or eat less quantity of food to reduce their weight. Also due to busy day to day schedules most people skips their meals which in turn leads to ailments of digestive system. By strengthening digestion, removing ama (toxic material), improving dietary habits, correction of lifestyle, lowering stress and regular exercise one can break the vicious cycle of obesity.  As per Ayurvedic  texts, when the quantity of food consumed is not enough and proper, the individuals strength, vigor, complexion and development suffer, immunity decrease, body, mind, sense organs are weakened and vitiation of vata dosha takes place. Vitiation of vata dosha may cause various types of diseases in our body like flatulence, hard stool, numbness, body ache, dryness of skin and depletion of tissue etc.

Some Tips if you are skipping your food?

• According to body constitution, one should eat 2 or 3 times meal in a day but avoid sweet, sour, cold and fatty diet in excess.
• Heavy foods has to be taken in half the quantity while light food can be taken in a quantity which shouldn’t bring satisfaction in excess.
• Take meals everyday almost around the same time, like our sleep and other daily activities so as to have a good digestive routine.
• Breakfast can be light in quantity, lunch in substantial quantity and dinner should be always very light.
• Always take fresh and warm meals. Avoid left overs and refrigerated foods and drinks.
• Avoid overeating and eating in between two meals.
• While taking food, concentrate on it. Watching TV, talking, working on computer , eating with a disturbed mind etc will cause less or more intake of food which will in turn affect body metabolism.
• Obese person should include coarse cereal like barley, green gram in their diet as well as food and drinks which neutralize vata, reduce kapha and fat is preferable.

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