The rocky hurricanes in the KIDNEY

Kidney Stone : OMG!!!  The rocky hurricanes in the KIDNEY.

Here comes the culprit, a small pea sized crystal which is lodged in kidney, is enough to make you awake and drowns you inside the pain throughout the night. We the medicos call it as urinary calculi.

It is more prone to see in males than female due to hormonal changes. When it affects a body they will experience sever pain, nausea, blood in urine, fever, chills.


Proper hydration of body is the first and most treatments of kidney stones.

Ayurveda drugs like Gokshura, Punarnava, Pashana bheda etc are used for kidney stones.

Home remedies

•  Take 2 table spoon of radish and soak it into 1 glass water, boil and reduce to half, use as a drink
•  Boil 10-12 leaves of basil leaves in 1 cup of water for 15 min add 1 tsp of honey and drink.
•  Lemon juice mixed with water and olive oil is good for breaking of kidney stones.
•  Drinking coconut water daily will help you to decrease the size of the kidney stones.
•  Boil kidney beans and strain the water. Drinking this water may help you to dissolve the stones.

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