Ghee : The Century – Old Ambrosia

It is prepared from butter. Traditionally obtained by churning yogurt. The skimming help for removing the impurities from the surface of it, by discarding the solid residue that settled in the bottom of it.

This can be used in many ways, like as a medicine and as a food supplement. This is included as the cuisines, used for preparing traditional medicine and also for religious rituals.


It is composed entirely of fat, 60% of it is saturated fats. Trans fat is only 4g, but vegetable ghee containing more this and thus more chances of coronary heart diseases.

The other constituents include:

• Mono unsaturated fat

• poly unsaturated fat

• Omega fatty acids

• Vitamin A, E, K

Thus it is understood that how much it helps for the proper functioning of the bodily systems. All the classical text of Ayurveda quoted the importance of ghee. It is friendly for both the young and the old.

Desirable for those who wish to have progeny, to enhance beauty, complexion, and sweetness of voice. Ghee is apt for those who wish to enhance intellect, memory, discriminative power, digestion / metabolism, strength or immunity, vision, longevity and virility. It is good for many conditions like toxicity, insanity, emaciation, cellulite and even in fever.

When processed with appropriate drug it acts like an ambrosia, its curative power got improved and can be used for several diseases. It cleans chronic ulcer and heals the clean ulcer. Both the new ghee and old ghee are effective, when it becomes old, it is capable of curing intoxication, epilepsy, fainting.

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