Indian Spices:

India is most popular with its variety of spices. The business stream developed  with the export of these spices. India flourished  to many other countries with the trading of these spices.

Thus it is understood that Spices got a very pivotal role in our financial background through the varied trading between other places. Apart from this business field, it got much importance in our health system also.

Ayurveda the ancient branch of science, also emphasis the importance of spices over the entire health of an individual.

Some spices are indicated for some diseases, some are to be avoided. some used as medicine whereas some others as supplements some as home remedies and it added up the taste in your food also.

Here we are explaining some spices to you:

1. Ginger :
•  Controls over Vata & Kapha.
•  Fresh variety is good for common cold, improves digestion.
•  Dry variety, digest the Ama and works in IBS, Joint pain, Indigestion. It is a good expectorant in common cold. Many home remedies include ginger due to its sharp action.

2. Turmeric :
•  Controls over Vata & Kapha, it drains the pitta also.
•  It should roasting ghee as it is hot in potency. It acts over the digestive tract and digest the food particle easily. It is having the property to relieves the pain and help to improve the blood circulation, and it can act as an antiseptic also.

Specific action such as : On combination with milk it is good for the upper respiratory tract infections. Along with honey and amla it can improves the diabetics.

Other properties are: It can use for healing the wounds, any swelling.

Haridrakhand is one of the Ayurvedic herbal compound powder which is having turmeric as the chief component which is having  an anti allergic effect over the body.

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