Tips for Personal care in Spring Season

Diet :
• Take easily digestible and fat free food.
• Avoid excess intake of cold, sour, sweet and fatty food.
• Include old barley & wheat, honey in your diet.
• Avoid intake of curd.
• Honey mixed with luke warm water can be added for fat and/or Kapha reduction.
• Beverages like Asava (fermented infusion), Arishta (fermented decoction), Sidhu (fermented sugarcane juice), wine and beer may be added to diet.

Lifestyle :
• Physical exercise should be done.
• Vamana (Ematic Therapy) and Nasya (Insufflations Therapy) should be taken.
• Massage with medicated powder should be adopted.
• Avoid day time sleeping.
• Enjoy the blossoms of the gardens, reservoirs of water and cool breez from south direction.