Simple tips for chronic sinusitis

Changing lifestyles, rapid urbanization, and the increase in cases of antibiotic resistance is responsible for the rise in the prevalence of chronic sinusitis.  As the nose is in direct contact with the external environment, it is exposed to the many microorganisms and pollutants present in the atmosphere. Due to the increase in environmental pollution and the busy lifestyles of today, sinusitis is a common disease in the present era.

• Instill one drop of Nasal drop – Anu oil in each nostril, twice daily. This removes the blockage of the path from the sinuses of the nasal cavity.
• Do not swim in the pool treated with chlorine, since chlorine irritates the lining of the nose and sinuses.
• Cover yourself well while exposure to cold and windy climate.
• Prefer to drink warm water in small quantities throughout the day.
• Take a cup of warm water added with ¼ tsp of turmeric once a day, like a tea.
• Mouth gargle with warm water is advisable.
• Steam inhalation with 1 tsp of crushed carom seeds (Ajwain seeds) is beneficial.