The Magic Bullets Of Ayurveda

Do it yourself, Chakrapani Ayurveda recommending the universal remedy for the 5 major problems facing by the teens.

• Dark circles around eyes: Take a slice of potato wrap it in a cloth and keep around the eyes. Within 3 weeks you can see the difference.

• Stretch marks: Apply aloe gold gel (one of the top rating product of our cosmetic branch)directly over the stretch marks and feel the magic.

• Cracked heels: Rub the heel with the ripened banana twice daily and keep it hygienic.

• For eye lashes: Apply castor oil over the eyelashes while going to sleep. Daily application may give better results.

• Sunburn: Dip a tea bag in a hot water glass. Keep it for some time and let it cool. Soak a piece of cloth with the tea and place that cloth in burns.

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