What a Child should eat ?

As children are the building blocks of the society, incorporating Ayurveda principles in their lives will help enhance their physical and mental health, thereby promoting a healthy and disease free society. The physical and mental development during childhood period forms the foundation of the rest of his / her life. Diet, Lifestyle, food intake and Behavior are very important to maintain Child’s mental and physical health.


Five Main Rules of food intake –

1. Take timely meals in proper quantity, preferably freshly prepared and warm

2. Concentrate on food while eating and eat food at pace. Avoid watching television, talking or laughing during meal

3. Eat in relaxed condition, be seated

4. Don´t eat too slow or too fast

5. Avoid fasting and overeating

Foods for health and promoting growth in children –

1. Recommended fats – Ghee and olive oil,

2. Recommended sugar includes organic raw sugar, honey, rock sugar, and jaggery.

3. Excess of anything, even though good for health is not advisable.

4. Recommended dairy products – Milk, paneer, freshly made curd and buttermilk.

5. Recommended Nuts and Dry fruits – Soaked raisins, almonds and walnuts.

6. Recommended Spices – Turmeric, pepper, cumin enhance digestion.

7. Reduce junk food or canned, frozen or packaged foods, carbonated drinks.

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