5 Ways To Fight Off Post Holidays Weight Gain (Without Dieting)

Weight Gain : Few people just never get fat (even if they eat 10x more than you.) But for you, weight gain management is quite difficult. And this difficulty increases even more during holiday’s season because you are continuously tempted by your favorite foods. Besides this, you start thinking what difference one Puri will make anyway; It’s only one Gulabjamun.

Here are the five best of my tips to fight off post holiday weight gain:-

No wonder you end up gaining few more pounds. Okay let it be, now the question is: How do you get rid of this excess weight quickly?

1. Melt Your Pounds With Meditation
Thinking what meditation has to do with weight? Well, a lot. Because when you are stressed “Cortisol” increases which in turn increases your cravings for sugary and fatty foods. So meditation is your best tool to fight stress. But you might be stressed now how do I start it? Don’t panic, here’s a step-by-step procedure to guide you:-
1-  Get yourself in a comfortable sitting position.
2-  Let your thoughts come and go.
3-  You can do it up to 10 minutes, but if you start feeling tired then stop it.
Tip : Do not try to control your thoughts, let them come and go on their own.

2. Slim Your Waistline By Synchronizing Your Alarm With Sun Rise
Waking up with sun decreases Tamas. The less Tamas you’ve, the less fat you have.
1 – Put an alarm for 5 A.M in the morning, and wake up when it starts buzzing.
2 – Sounds difficult? Okay, then wake up an hour before you are used to.

3. Keep Your Waistline In Control By Keeping Your Schedule In Control
Ayurveda has laid out strict routines to follow that changes from season to season.
1 – Sleep at same time every day.
2 – Wake up same time every day.
3 – Eat, play and watch TV at same time.
These steps might sound simple, but they makes a huge difference.
Tip : Consult an Ayurvedic doctor for more advice on routine as per your location and season.

4. Torture Your Fat With Exercise
Ayurveda advises different constitution of people needs different kind of exercise. But in general you can follow the following steps : –
1 – Walk for 10 minutes either in the morning or in the evening.
2 – Engage in your favorite sports twice a week.

5. Be Light On Weight Scale By Sleeping Heavily
At times, you must compromise your sleep.
But you should not compromise on it unless it’s absolutely necessary. I mean to say that your chatting buddy or late night movie can wait, but don’t trade your sleep for them. Why? Because researchers say sleep deprivation triggers a chemical reaction that increases people’s hunger levels and desire for salty and sweet snacks.
1 – Sleep at the same time every day (Preferably by 10.30 pm). Remember that sleeping is the best gift that you can give yourself.
2 – Sounds difficult? Then give yourself a 1 hour window i.e you sleep daily between 10.30 to 11.30 pm. This is a must for weekdays, but you might take the weekend off if desired.
Remember, you don’t have to do every item on this list. Pick whichever ones stand out – and knock them off the list. Start small. Start with one. You have the time… it’s up to you do it.

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