Brahmi is one of the medhya Rasayana, good for enhancing memory and reducing blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, rejuvenating, cardiotonic, general nervous system promoter, anti-pyretic, relaxant.

• It helps in improving mental performance and increasing concentration level as well as learning capacity.
• It is good for patients suffering from insomnia.
• It helps in relieving stress and keeps the patients relaxed.
• Brahmi helps in decreasing anxiety and mental fatigue and promotes freshness in your mind.
• It is also very effective in depression .
• It helps in maintaining lowering blood pressure to the normal level.
• It is very useful in maintaining normal body temperature thus relieving body from hyperthermia and fevers.
• It is also very effective in treating menstrual disorders and painful menses.
• Brahmi is also useful  in cough and cold related problem.
• It is used to attain long life while having energy just like a youth. Brahmi works as an antioxidant and retards aging thus keeps the person young and youthful.
• Application of paste of its juice on joints in Amavata,  effectively  reduces the pain.
• Brahmi juice is considered to be the best natural remedy for those suffering from bouts of epileptic fits, .
• Brahmi oil promotes hair growth, and keep the scalp free of fungal infections like dandruff.
• Application of paste of its juice on wounds helps in  quick healing.
• Herbal  decoction prepared from Aswagandha and Brahmi gives quick relief from nagging headaches caused by migraine

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