1. There is no expiry date for Ayurvedic medicines- In Ayurvedic science the expiry date of all formulations(products) has been defined very clearly like- herbal powders-6months, tablets – 18 months, guggul tablets(2-3 years), Oil-ghee – 2 yrs. Only rasaushadhis, Asavas and Aristhas can be used for long time.

2. There are no side effects  of Ayurvedic medicines – This is also a big Ayurveda myth. Though the side effects of Ayurvedic herbs is almost negligible but taking rasaushadhish without a physicians advise do cause side effects. According to Ayurveda the body type of each individuals is different hence the herbs and their quantities are also different for each individuals.

3. Ayurvedic herbs are not fast acting and take time to heel the diseases- Actually if a diseased person approaches Ayurveda in the beginning or onset of the disease, it can be treated very effectively and quickly but if the diseased person approaches  ayurveda after prolonged treatment from other parthy then it does take time to heal.

4. There are lot of restrictions in ayurveda- since ayurveda considers each individuals different and advices food and life style according to the body type of each individuals, hence people think that there are a lot of restrictions in Ayurveda. Ayurveda restricts sour things only with guggul medicines and not with all herbs.

5. Chances of renal failure due to Ayurvedic medicines- This is also quite a popular myth amongst the educated section of society. Heavy metals have been used in Ayurveda since years but they are purified by juices of various herbs and then turned into onide form by making “Bhasma”. These bhasmas using there rasaushadhish without a doctors advise may prove to be harmful.

6. There is no surgery in Ayurveda-This Ayurveda myth is true up to a certain level. Sushrut who is known as the father of surgery developed surgery in Ayurveda. Even now, the cataract surgery proved by WHO is being done by the same method as described by sushruta. During that time even plastic surgery was done. Due to the Ahimsa principle in our country earlier and later due to rulership under Britishers surgery gradually vanished from ayurveda. Its development gradually stopped with time. Although there has been various researches on this subject too during last 50 year.