Top 5 Ayurvedic herbs to support well being during pregnancy

During pregnancy, an expectant mother experiences a wide range of biological and physical changes. Along with these changes comes varying degrees of discomforts. Fortunately Ayurvedic herbs can help relief the symptoms experienced and aid in a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy.

Pomegrannate seeds for Morning Sickness

• Actually morning sickness, a common problem during pregnancy occurs due to excess salivation, so it is better to do mouth gargle with plain water after waking up in morning and then eat 1 or 2 crackers or some dry snack.
• Dadima Bija (Seeds of Pomegranate) mixed with honey after waking up in the morning will help.

Avipathikar churna for Heartburn

• More than half of all pregnant woman report to suffer from heartburn. Eat small frequent meals slowly and cut down on high fat foods and caffeine.
• Avipathikar churna (A herbal compound in powder form) is effective in heartburn.

Triphala tablets for Constipation

• Constipation, a very common in pregnancy tends to increase as the pregnancy advances. High fluid intake, eating high-fibre foods and doing sufficient simple exercise is important.
• Triphala tablets / powder will help in laxed bowels.

Tulsi for Respiratory distress

• Many women feel breathless as the growing uterus as the pregnancy advances.
• Hot infusion of Tulsi (Holy basil) is beneficial.

Cumin mix for Bloating

• Exercise regularly, avoid carbonated beverages and moderate your intake of dairy products.
• A mixture of equal quantity of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds boiled in water, filtered and when taken internally helps get rid of bloating.