Do you know suppression of Adhovata (Flatus) is harmful ?

Vegas (Natural urges) are created naturally to eliminate the toxins which are produced in our body. Evacuation of natural urges in the proper time is essential for the maintenance of health and for the homeostasis of body.  The suppression gives rise various type of diseases. Flatus is a mixture of many gases including methane, carbon-dioxide etc. and sulphides.

As per Ayurveda, Suppression of adhovata causes –

•  Gulma (flatulence): Gaseous abdominal lump which is caused due to aggravation of vata dosha.
•  Udavrta(retrograde intestinal movements): It means the upward or backward or reverse movement of vata dosha usually due to obstruction in normal pathway of vata dosha.
•  Ruk (pain)
•  Klama (fatigue) : Klama is defined as feeling of tiredness without exertion.
•  Obstruction of the normal passage of vata (flatus), mutra (urine), shakrut (faeces)
•  Drustivadha (blurring of vision)
•  Agnivadha (causes indigestion)
•  Hridya roga (heart diseases) and other vata disorders may arise like stiffness of joints, numbness, depletion of tissue, hard stool etc.

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