Vajrasana – Diamond Pose – Admintine Pose

Vajrasana : It is kneeling pose. Breathing exercises like Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and other Pranayamas are done sitting in this pose so that the body becomes strong like a diamond. Vajra means diamond or thunderbolt and asana means pose. Yoga is suggested to on an empty stomach, but this asana is one of the few exceptions. You can do it after meals also.

Steps of doing Vajrasana –

•  First you have to kneel down and stretch your legs backwards.

•  The toes should cross each other.

•  Slowly lower your body.

•  Your hips should rest on your heels and your thighs on the calf muscles.

•  Look forward and place your palms on the knees.

•  Your head should be absolutely straight.

•  Do the breathing exercises you want to perform.

•  This pose can be taken for 5-10 minutes.

•  Once you’re done, slowly come back to standing position.

Cautions for Vajrasana –

•  Avoid if you have any knee problem or arthritis.

•  Pregnant women should keep the legs a little bit apart.

Health Benefits of Vajrasana –

•  It improves digestion and eliminates constipation if practiced regularly.

•  Prevents ulcers and acidity as the digestion is improved.

•  Patients with lower back pain should do this as it strengthens the back.

•  It strengthens the pelvic muscles too.

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