Tips for Computer Users to Prevent Eye Problems

Computers became an integral part of our life. A proverb says “Ati Sarvatra Varjayet” which means excess is contraindicated. People who are working on computers throughout a day are suffering with problems related to eyes as well as body.

Following are some tips to prevent such problems:

• Drink 1-1.5 litres of water daily.

• Keep your bowel clear.

• Use Triphala water for eye wash in the morning.

• Do some exercise of neck and shoulders. This will improve blood circulation to the muscles situated above the neck.

• While working on computers, take 5 minutes break after every 45 to 60 minutes and walk around.

• After every 30 minutes, look beyond the distance of 20 feet, for a moment. This will be good for your eye muscles.

• Blink your eyes frequently to prevent dryness of eyes.

• When you feel your eyes are tired, take a break of 5 minutes and do palming to eyes. First rub your palms against each other until palms become warm and then place these warm palms over the closed eyes and feel the warmth in the eyes. Repeat it 3-5 time. This will give relax to eye muscles. Palming can be done whenever required.

• Avoid excess use of AC. AC may aggravate the dry eye condition.

• Follow healthy diet plan. Avoid excess use of tea, coffee, carbonated beverages etc.