Hey!!! Are you losing hair day by day !!!!!!!!

Hey!!! Are you losing hair day by day !!!!!!!!
A man can lose up to 50 hairs a day. Normally it doesn’t make any problem because new hair is growing in at the same time. But is there any obstruction in the process of this cycle (hair growing) will leads to hair fall or baldness. Loosing hair due to the result of stress, heredity, inadequate nutrition, hormonal changes, medication or medical conditions, ageing, unhygienic, Dandruff, Hypothyroidism, radiation therapy etc.

Hair loss can appear in many different ways. It’s may be in gradual or suddenly, Some types of hair falling are temporary or permanent.

Don’t worry Chakrapani HAIR CARE CAPSULE and SPECIAL AMLA OIL is helping you.

Special Amla oil and Hair care caps are specially formulated for hair loss.

It is enriched with fresh and pure Amla juice, which adds up natural amount of nutrients essential for strong and silky hairs.

Amla enriches dry and thin hairs, improves the hair texture and color. It also helps in management of itching, eruption and dryness of scalp.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Do’s – Include more green leafy vegetables in your food. Do regular hair wash and maintain scalp hygiene.

Don’ts – Avoid regular use of shampoos and other chemical products like hair color etc. Shampoos can be applied twice in two weeks.

Avoid dry, too spicy, too oily, and fried and junk foods.