Ayurveda News (April 2013 issue)

Product of the month : Pittantak yog

Ingredients – Purified Gairik, Ajwain satva, Pudina and Karpoor

Uses – Decrease Pitta, Increases hemoglobin level, Useful in hyperacidity, vomiting, diarrhea due to excessive heat and due to excessive use of spices.

HIMA – A type of Ayurvedic preparation.

There are 5 types of preparations in Ayurveda, known as Pancha Vidha Kashaya Kalpana – Swarasa (Juice), Kalka (Paste), Kwatha (Decoction), Phanta (Hot infusion) and Hima (Cold infusion). Cold infusion is known as Hima. The herbs are soaked overnight in water to prepare Hima. Hima is the best to beat summer. It is also easy to prepare.

Method of preparation of Dhanyak Saunf Hima – To 1 liter of water, add 1 teaspoonful of Coriander powder and 1 teaspoonful of Fennel. Keep this overnight and drink it next day.

Benefits of Hima – It helps in reducing Pitta, thereby helping in burning sensation, sun stroke, burning micturition, excessive thirst, dehydration and dryness.

Refreshing Mango Juice recipe for summer

Ingredients – Unripe medium sized mango – 4, Jaggery 100 gm, Cardamom – 6.

Method of preparation – Boil the mangoes and remove the pulp separately and mash it well with a masher. This pulp can be refrigerated in an air tight container for 2 months. Take 1 scoop of this pulp and added 2 tsp of powdered jaggery and ½ tsp of powdered cardamom. Add 1 glass of water to this mixture and stir well and serve.

Benefits – This recipe contains natural sugar, is refreshing and keeps you hydrated during summer