Talkspace Is Ready for PMDD Awareness Month

We should all be aware that this month is PMDD awareness month. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a disorder that affects many women and destroys them physically and mentally. The side effects are much harsher than pre-menstrual syndrome and can send women into a deep state of depression. This is why awareness must be made about this condition and how it can be diagnosed and treated.

PMDD may have a combination of symptoms that may be confused with other disorders but it occurs around one week before the start of a period. It is a combination of physical and emotional symptoms that can seemingly be intense. Fortunately, the symptoms may fade as one’s period approaches even closer.

Premenstrual exacerbation is usually diagnosed in place of PMDD and it is usually through ignorance of the doctor. This is why PMDD needs to be put under the radar of research scientists so that the chemical components may be clarified. With PMDD having exact definitions and clarified research papers publicized, doctors and the general public will be educated about the issue. This will also prevent women from receiving treatment for psychological issues when their problem is physical, or vice versa.

Currently, differentiating between PMDD and PME is more about examining the severity and timing of symptoms. A daily examination of each symptom and its rating is how some doctors will determine if the episode is indeed PMDD. This inefficient method does not allow for enough time for treatment, making the women have to endure it for nearly the entirety of the episode.

Especially considering that depression is a mood symptom that can be a part of other diseases, PMDD is hard to recognize at an earlier stage. Some women may be simply told that they have major depression or anxiety and will be put on anti-depressants. It will only mess with the healthy chemical balance in their brain when their problem may be more about hormones.

If women experience recognizable symptoms in the premenstrual phase, it can safely be assumed that it is PMDD. Getting one’s doctor onboard with this self-diagnosis is another story though. It is also important to note that PMS and PMDD may exist together, amplifying the variety of symptoms further. Dealing with symptoms on your own can be helped with the Talkspace application, an online therapy platform.

More About the Talkspace App

Talkspace is a mobile application is a great way to remotely connect with a therapist from the comfort of the internet. Many people may feel ashamed or have financial limitation averting them from taking therapy. Talkspace removes such barriers by allowing those with issues contact a professional without having to see anyone in person.

Patients will be paired with therapists based on their needs and personality profile, assuring that they will get personalized care. A patient’s history, whether it is official or anecdotal, will be considered when searching for a therapist. Once matched, a conversation may be had in real-time or through the convenience of email. At a modest cost of $25 per week, Talkspace seems like it will replace traditional therapy sessions.