Visit to HIV kids NGO ‘Rays’ – Asha ki kiran

About Organization:

‘Rays’ – Asha ki kiran is non-profit voluntary organization for the children living with HIV/AIDS. This organization was started with 3 children in Jaipur on January 1st, 2010 by famous women entrepreneur in Jaipur Ms. Rashmi Kuchhal and presently it is a shelter of more than 50. She provide them all the support needed for a healthy and happy life: education, medical aid, balanced meals, regular exercise and lots of love! She is one of the member of Vikas Manch, FICCI ladies organization and belong from family of freedom fighter.

Free Consultation by Chakrapani Doctors:

Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Centre took initiative to provide Ayurveda consultation to these children and care takers of Rays organization in every three months. The children were provided with the Ayurvedic medicines for their minor illness, Ojas Avaleha (a unique Ayurvedic formulation to boost the immunity) followed by hygiene maintenance advises. This laid significant improvement in quality of life of these children. Though HIV is incurable disease till date, Ayurveda definitely has increased their overall energy level and maintained the positive health. The consultation was done by Dr. Lakshmi and Dr. Darpan along with Ayurveda Practitioner Tim. This initiative gave better outcome by helping these children to boost their immunity and the resist against the infection. The leader of this organization gave wondrous feedback. She shared that Ayurvedic consultation to these children has decreased the rate of illness remarkably and reduced the side effect of anti-retroviral treatment.