How can you live a long and healthy life with Diabetes

As per Ayurveda it is a metabolic disorder, characterized by excess and turbid urination. Main causative factors are excess intake of dairy products, cold, oily, sweet, sour, salty, fatty, poorly digestible food items, consuming grains and pulses which are new, meat of aquatic animals etc. some behavioral causes like stress, day sleep, lack of physical activity. Understanding the common signs and symptoms of diabetes as well as what normal blood sugar levels should be will help you make the necessary adjustments in your everyday routine.

Recommended –

• Old shali and shastika (rice varities), barley, wheat; pulses such as bengal gram, horse gram, green gram and peas.

• Kapittha (elephant apple), tinduk, jambu, water chestnut, bitter guard, lotus, Indian gooseberry and pomegranate fruit.

• Bitter vegetables cooked in the oil of danti (wild castor), sarshapa (mustard oil), ingudi (desert date) and atasi (flax).

• Milk processed with juice of bitter and pungent drugs like nimbi (margosa tree), patola (pointed guard), zinger, asafoitida, clove etc.

• Drinking water prepared from asanadigana, darbha, haridra, amalaki or madhu water (makshikodaka).

• Fresh juice of giloya or amala with honey.

• The diabetic patient get benefit from massage, physical exercise, night vigil and all activities which decrease kapha and adiposity.

Not recommended –

• Food items prepared from new grains, sugarcane products, curd, ghee, jaggery, rice flour items, syrups.

• Meats of domestic, marshy and aquatic animals.

• Any fast food, spicy and junk food, incompatible diet, intake of food without digesting the previous meal.

• Day time sleep, sexual intercourse, stopping the urge of urination and sedentary life style.

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