Everyone wants to have strong, healthy, thick and shiny hairs regardless of their age. Some people are born with thick beautiful hair while some are stuck with thin, dry and unhealthy hair. It’s difficult to change hereditary factors and age factors but we can mange hair problems and nourish hair roots through some natural ways.

Here are some simple ways for you to get shiny and lustrous hairs.

Hair wash: wash your hair regularly with luke warm water. Avoid hot water and cold water on head, as that may affect your hair roots and the overall growth.
Head massage: scalp massage with herbal hair oils can prevent hair fall, improve hair growth and give shiny hairs. Eg: Amla oil, coconut oil, Bringaraja oil etc.
Natural shampoo and hair conditioner: use natural shampoo and hair conditioner for hair wash once in a week. Regular use of any shampoo is not healthy for your hair follicles.
Dye: Synthetic dye can do damage to the root of hair follicles. So avoid excessive use of hair dyes, coloring and straightening etc.
Exposure to the environment: avoid direct exposure to cold, mist, dust, pollutants, cold wind etc. by covering head with a cap or scarf.
Diet: eat a balanced diet contains enough nutrients for hair growth. Eat more green leafy vegetables and drink more water, this increases the scalp circulation and nourishes hair follicles. Avoid spicy, too much oily food as this can damage your hair follicles. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine or tea.
Herbal medications: in Ayurveda there are many herbal medicines that nourishes hair, prevent hair fall and early graying of hair. E.g. Amla, Bringaraja, Brahmi, Japa etc. So use oil or herbal medicines contain these herbs. E.g.: special Amla oil, Bringaraja oil, Japa kusumadi oil, herbal care capsule etc.

It is important to remember that healthy condition of your hair and skin can be a good indication of the healthy state of the body and mind.

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