Do you conserve nutrients in food?

Do you conserve nutrients in food? Inspite of eating organic, healthy and nutritious food, many of us do not get the proper nourishment. Do you conserve nutrients in foods? The following simple tips can help you cook the right way, preserving vitamins and minerals in food, thereby nourishing the body.

1) Some nutrients, especially Vitamin C can be lost easily by cooking. So it could advantageously be eaten in raw forms as salads or chutneys (grinded to a paste). Examples are Cucumber, Radish, Onion, etc.

2) Store watery vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, etc. covered with a moist cloth. Store dry vegetables like onions, potatoes in dry boxes, open to the air.

3) Remove skins of vegetables as thinly as possible since many nutrients are found just below the skin.

4) Frying of vegetables destroys much more vitamins than controlled boiling, because frying temperature is much higher and besides there is exposure to air. So it is better to consume steamed or boiled vegetables.

5) Learn to boil rice with just enough water, usually two to two and half times the quantity of rice so that all the water is absorbed. When more quantity of water is used, excess water is later thrown away after cooking, valuable vitamins and minerals are washed out of the rice and lost.

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