Combate Summer with Aam Panna

Aam Panna : One side, the sun is showing its skills by increasing temperature day by day, on the other hand, nature is providing safeguard remedies in this hot season. Heatstroke is a common problem during the high temperature in the summer. Here is the simple recipe of tender mango to combate with summer:

Ingredients of Aam Panna:

• Tender mangoes 500 gm.

• Sugar or Jagerry Double the amount of boiled mango pulp

• Black salt 2 TSF

• Cumin seed powder 2 TSF

• Black Pepper (crushed) 4-5 (optional)

Preparation of Aam Panna:

• Wash the tender mangoes properly with water and steam the it in pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles till they become completely soft and pulpy.

• Then remove the skin of tender mangoes and squeeze the out pulp.

• Mix other ingredients in it and blend it till it get smooth.

• Now preserve it in an air tight container or glass bottle and keep refrigerated.

• For serving, take 1 table spoon of this preserved mixture to one glass of water.

• Add more black salt or sugar, if needed.

• Stir well and serve chilled with ice cubes.

Other Health Benefits of Aam Panna:

• It is a refreshing drink which keeps body cool.

• Prevents from dehydration, electolite imbalance, gastric trouble, heatstroke etc.

• It improves taste and relieves anorexia, thirst, tiredness and weakness.

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