Burping is an important part of baby feeding. New born babies swallow air during feeding and the air in their tummies make them uncomfortable and gassy.  Burping can also helps if the baby often spits up a little amount of milk, vomiting and crying after feeding etc.  Some babies burp a lot but for some others need to be burped frequently.

When to burp?

You should only burp your baby if he/she needs it. There is no need to burp if your baby falls asleep during or after a feed. If your baby seems uncomfortable while feeding, colicky or pulls away and starts crying, give burping a try. It is a good opportunity to burp your baby when you switches breasts or in between a bottle feed (after each ounces of liquid).

It is important to burp before 4 -5months of age because there will be more chance to swallow air. Later most babies will outgrow the need to be burped by 4-6 months of age.If you’re burping a newborn after breastfeeding, the baby will typically burp less because they swallow less air than bottle feeding.

You can try these three methods of burping

•  On your shoulder: hold your baby against your chest so that the upper belly is  resting on your collar bone and chin is resting on your shoulder. Support baby’s neck and shoulders with one hand and gently pat on the back side with the other hand.
•  On your knee: place your baby on your knee in stomach down position and gently rub/pat over his back by supporting his head. Make sure that baby’s head is higher than his/her chest.
•  Over the lap: Sit the baby on your lap and, while placing the heel of your hand under his chest region, apply slight pressure and pat his back with your free hand.

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