Head ache can be a symptom of underlying diseases or it can be a disease itself. The most common causes of head ache are: migraine, tension and stress, viral fever, dengue fever, typhoid, flu, refractory errors, sinusitis etc.

Mild to moderate head ache without any specificity can be managed with Ayurvedic remedies. The most common types of headaches are:

· Tension head ache (vata)

· Migraine head ache(pitta)

· Sinus head ache(kapha)

This is often arising due to the imbalance of tridoshas as the person indulging in improper diet, regimens and lifestyle.

Tension head ache

This is usually a dull pain around occipital area and forehead. Causes: Stress, Alcohol intake, Sleeplessness, constipation, Usage of certain medications.

Migraine head ache

Pulsating or throbbing type of pain usually on one side of the head associated with nausea, Blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sound, confusion, fainting and vomiting. Frequency of head ache varies from person to person and lasts from 4-72 hours.

Sinus head ache

Sinus headaches arise when the sinus passages are inflamed and congested. One can feel pain while pressing over the areas of sinuses. Usual symptoms are pressure and pain anywhere in the sinus area, pain increases when you lean forward, nasal discharge, watering from the eyes and fever.


Tension and migraine head ache

Life style modifications: consume vata-pitta pacifying diet, take 3 proper meals per day, drink plenty of water, avoid use of caffeine, take rest, avoid too much stress and work pressure, do head massage daily, try to practice yoga and meditation daily, maintain a regular sleep and wake up cycle.

Sinus head ache

Life style modifications : Consume kapha pacifying diet, avoid exposure to cold and wind, don’t take too much cold water and refrigerated food items, take spices, avoid sweet, sour, salty food items, do nasya daily with medicated oils, steam inhalation is good for sinus passages.

Internal medications:

Pippalimoola powder, Triphala powder, Pathyadi gana vati, Phala trikadi vati, Pathya shadangam kashayam, Nasya with Anu oil, Dhoomapan with nasya stick, Haridra or Guggulu varti

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