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According to Ayurveda monsoon season is nothing but Varsha Ritucharya. In this season aggravation of Vata and Pitha dosha occurs. Ayurveda plays an important role to balance the aggravated doshas and to maintain healthy constitution. This season is considered as the best to undergo Ayurveda treatments because the moist climate opens skin pores and makes it so receptive for all the medications and treatments. Ayurveda treatments are highly recommended during this season in order to prevent any kind of disorders and to boost immunity.

Benefits of Ayurveda in Monsoon
• Balance vitiated dosha
• Rejuvenates the body and mind
• Improves immunity and strength
• Prevents skin allergy, anxiety, stress etc

Life style modifications to be followed during Monsoon season
• Use warm water for bath
• Avoid walking on bare foot.
• Massage body with oil.
• Avoid of day sleep.
• Avoid over exertion.
• Avoid of getting wet in rain.
• Keep your surroundings dry and clean, to avoid the accumulation of water.
• Prefer to drink warm water and warm foods.
• Avoid of ice creams and cold drinks during this season.
• Use of fumigation with dry leaves of neem or agaru to kill the bacteria is adviced.
• Keep warm yourself.

Ayurveda Diet according to monsoon
• Advise easily digestible foods.
• Intake Hot and light foods.
• Medicated porridge and rice soup can be added to diet.
• Avoid of fried and spicy diet during this season.
• Add a piece of ginger and rock salt before your meal.
• Consumption of leafy vegetables to be avoided.
• Take properly cooked food, which is spiced by cumin, curry leaves, turmeric powder etc.
• Avoid of curd, red meat and any other food stuffs which is not easy for digestion.

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