Diet and Lifestyle in Rainy Season

The Ayurvedic concept of the division of the year into six periods namely Shishira, Vasanta, Grishma, Varsha, Sharad, and Hemant extends from the solar system to the northern and southern solstice positions called Adana kala (Uttarayana) and Visharga kala (Dakshinayana) with six months on each side. The word Adana means to take and visarga is to give strength and vitality to all living beings. In Adana kala, the sun and wind are stronger. At this point, the sun removes the cooling properties of the earth by the scorching heat and thereby debilitates all living beings. The sun of Visharga releases energy to all creatures by empowering the moon and the earth to cool down due to clouds, rain, and cold air. So Varsha ritu or the onset of rain is an indication of the emergence of Visharga kala and the restoration of lost power in the time of Adan kala ie Shishira, Vasanta, and Grishma ritus.
Following proper diet and regimens during every respective season helps the body adjust to the change in climate and keep the body free from seasonal diseases.

Diet in Rainy Season:
• Diet should be light, with little fat (i.e. ghee, butter or oil) and which is easy to digest. Take freshly prepared food.
• Avoid excess intake of Pungent, Bitter and Astringent taste food items.
• 10-12 glasses of water intake daily, preferably lukewarm.
• Old grains (i.e. wheat, rice, pulses etc.) should be used in this season.
• Spices like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ajwaine, asafoetida, cinnamon, rock salt etc. should be used more.
• Triphala or Haritaki powder along with rock salt (4:1 ratio) can be followed through out the season.
Lifestyle in rainy Season:
• Morning walk and Pranayam is beneficial.
• Only mild kind of physical exercise should be done. Weak person should avoid exercise.
• Should not sleep during day time.
• Should wear dry & light cloths, prefer cotton fabric.
• Avoid much exposure to sun and rain both.
• Can use perfumes.
• Massage, steam bath and Panchakarma should be taken.