Unveiling The Secrets For Pretty Feet

“Caring for feet at Chakrapani Ayurveda goes beyond the cosmetic purposes: it benefits the whole body even the whole circulatory system and nervous system”

•  Wash your feet daily  in luke warm water , boiled with salt.

•  Keep your nails short, but don’t cut into the skin on the sides of your nails.

•  Do brushing of nails.

•  Dry your feet thoroughly, including between the toes.

•  Do oil massage.

•  After massage, stretch and pull the big toe gently and rub each side of the nail.

•  Do regular exercise.

•  Apply moisturizer.

•  Whenever possible, air your feet by walking barefoot outside, or in the house.

•  Change your socks every day.

•  Wear comfortable shoes that fit properly.

•  Finally massage your calf muscle to release tension. Repeat the same steps on your other foot.

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