Marma is the tender secret or vital area which serves as small pockets of prana. Prana is not merely a type of vata it is the vital energy that sustains or supports our body. There is likely hood of death or deformity after infliction to this area hence are called as marma (marayanti iti marma). The points of marma are to be protected from injury or trauma and they can’t be punctured with needles or any kind of instruments. So we can say that marma points and acupuncture points are different.


Benefits of marma therapy
Marma therapy has multi system effects. It improves respiratory, immune, digestive, nervous, psychological systems of our body and enables us to remove toxins from the body. This therapy relives pain, relieves stress, improves digestion and absorption of food, and improves complexion and muscle tone.

* Muscular and joint pains
* Digestion and elimination process
* Nervous system problems
* Anxiety and depression
* Memory loss
* Head ache and migraine
* Respiratory conditions
* Immune system defects
* Reproductive problems

Ayurvedic marma therapy: Massaging the vital areas by using warm herbal oil is known as marma abhyanga. This therapy removes the blockage from channels and promotes the proper flow of prana throughout the body. Marma abhanga gives physical and psychological relaxation. Other Ayurvedic therapies like hridaya basti, kati basti, griva basti, tarpan, sirodhara etc. can stimulate vital areas of that particular site.

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