Social Life and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known for its unique methods of treatments, healthy lifestyle and positive diet regimens. Would you belief that there is much more explaination in Ayurveda about life. Ayurveda is complete life science in true meanings. It not only deals with treatments of the diseases but also provides information about how to gain respect in the society. Followings are few points which improve social wellbeing if followed:

• Satya (Always speak sweet words and truth. Sweet words always calm and quite one’s mind).
• Ahimsa (physical, mental and verbal non-violence)
• Dhyan (Remember always the creator of the universe i.e. GOD). Devote yourself to God and see God in other people.
• Samaana (recpect to elders, scholars, teachers, non-violent animals etc.)
• One should not indulge in taking alcohol and excessive sexual intercourse.
• Always keep the mental balance in any situation. Do not lose your temper. Be calm, peaceful and courageous.
• Speak with others kindly with a smiling face and gentle behaviour.
• Maintain always cleanliness and personal hygene.
• Always take care of others feelings and behave accordingly
• Heartily love the poor and dependants
• Be kind and sympathetic to all creatures. As love and kindness are mentalfood, we can nourish the minds of others by such behaviour
• Develop the tendency of giving instead of receiving.
• Do all good things in society and avoid bad one’s
• Do not criticize or show cruelty to others
• Know properly the nature of the place you live in and understand the trend of the times you are passing through.
• Think positive
• Concentrate your mind on the nature of the soul and its relation to that of the universe
• Do not allow energies to be wasted in useless activities
• Respect and serve the people who have conquered their senses
• Continually study new sciences, advances, researches and philosophies and utilize them for the benefit of all human beings.

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