Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease characterized by decreased bone mass and density leading to an increased risk of fracture. Mainly there are 2 types based on the causative factors – Primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis is of 2 types postmenopausal osteoporosis attributed to decrease in estrogen production after menopause and senile osteoporosis, which occurs after the age of 70 in both men and women. Secondary osteoporosis occurs at any age in men & women as a result of improper diet & lifestyle, prolonged use of medications like glucocorticoids that are likely to induce osteoporosis, predisposing diseases, etc.

There are so many causes, some of which are listed below.

• As age advances there is denegation of all the tissues including bone tissue hence greater chance of osteoporosis. Especially in female, after menopause or hysterectomy there is estrogen deficiency leading to rapid reduction in bone mineral density.

• Heredity factors – Those who have a family history have an increased risk.

Prakriti as a predisposing factor – Among different Prakriti people, a person dominated by Vata prakriti will have risk factor associated with development of osteoporosis as Vata is directly related to bone tissue. As we age, there is natural increase of Vata in our body irrespective of our Prakriti and hence a Vata dominant person is more susceptible.

• Diet & habits – Excess intake of alcohol, Vitamin D deficiency, and unhealthy diet habits especially a diet low in calcium or other essential minerals and increased sodium. Also many soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which may increase risk. Physical inactivity and large volume of endurance training also affects the bones adversely leading to decreased bone density & increased risk.

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