Concept of Snana in Ayurveda

Bathing improves agni (digestive power), provides health, longevity, and enhances sexual drive, energy and strength. It removes kandu (itching), mala, shram (fatique), sweda (sweat), lethargy, trishna (thirst), daha (burning sensation) and ill feeling.

• Ayurveda suggests that having hot water head bath is bad for eyes and hairs.
• Cold water / Luke warm water is always better to use.
• Pouring warm water below the neck while bathing gives strength to the body.
• Bathing in extremely cold water especially in cold seasons vitiates kapha and vata, likewise bathing in too hot water in hot season vitiates pitta and raktha.

Contraindications According to Ayurveda bath is contraindicated in persons of facial palsy, inflammatory eye diseases, diseases of oral cavity, karnaroga, diarrhea, abdominal distension, rhinorrhoea / running nose, indigestion and just after intake of food.

Is it Harmful to take a bath right after eating food ?

According to Ayurveda agni, the fire element is responsible for digestion. When we eat fire elements get activated and there will be increased blood circulation. One should not take bath in next two hours after having food. Why because when we take a shower body temperature goes down. Blood circulation gets diverted towards the skin and extremities to maintain temperature. Bathing after having a meal leads to indigestion, nausea, and abdominal discomfort.

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