Acidity is one of the most common problems in today’s lifestyle due to increased stress and imbalanced diet. In new onset it is easily curable, however it causes serious health problems if becomes chronic. The Ayurvedic term for it is Amlapitta where the sourness quality of Pitta dosha gets increased causing acidic sourness. The symptoms may range from simple heartburn to serious vomiting. The severity of symptoms varies according to chronicity of the problem.

Causative factors leading to Acidity are prolonged intake of stale food items, hot, spicy, pungent food, white flour, half cooked or improperly cooked food, milk products especially cheese, milk sweets, sour buttermilk, heavy to digest & oily or deep fried food, liquor, sour food items, citrus fruits & their juices, black gram, over eating, fasting or long gap between meals, heavy dinner, sleeping immediately after meals and suppressing the urge to vomit. These causes disrupt the proper functioning of Agni (Digestive fire) and increases the doshas mainly Pitta dosha. Even after the onset of the problem, if the person does not control his diet habits, the liquid and sour property of Pitta dosha further increases causing digestive juice to become abnormally sour leading to fermentation of food. Aggravated Pitta dosha along with Vata & Kapha dosha produces various symptoms. In the initial stages of acidity, one experiences slight pain in abdomen during digestion of food, burning sensation in chest and sour belching. If one ignores these symptoms, the disease further progresses leading to various other features like headache, nausea, sour belching with vomiting, pain in the chest, heaviness of the abdomen, weakness of the body, burning sensation in throat, stomach and chest.

With due restrictions in diet and lifestyle along with intake of suitable herbs, Acidity can be maintained or controlled.

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