Sandal for staying cool in summer !!!!

Its summer!! It’s a great time for fun and relaxation. But summer is characterized with intense heat and dry wind. So it brings with a lot of problems related to your skin, hair, digestion etc. A little bit of care can keep you safe in summer.

Indian sandal wood or Santalum album is a well known Ayurvedic herbal medicine works effectively in various skin conditions due to its cooling soothing and healing properties. In Ayurveda, chandan or sandal is used in vitiated conditions of pitta. So it can be used in summer season to control excessive sweat and oil from skin. It has both medicinal and spiritual properties; has cooling effect on mind and body.

Chandan is considered with bitter and sweet tastes, dry and light properties, cool potency and pungent vipaka. The heart wood of sandal with a sweet aroma is available as a powdered form. Chandan powder is extensively used for cosmetic purpose. Sandal wood yields an essential oil and it has a soothing effect on the skin.

Tips and tricks to use sandal

  • Paste of sandal wood is applied over excessively sweaty areas like armpit, forehead, back etc.
  • Paste of sandal wood can be applied to avoid prickly heat and keeping the body cool during summer season.
  • For excessive thirst sandal powder is taken with coconut water internally.
  • Sandal wood powder is mixed with water and applied locally to relieve sun burn, burning sensation, inflammation, rashes, fever, ulcers, infective sores etc.
  • Sandal wood oil is applied locally to treat dryness, itching, eczema etc.
  • Sandal wood powder mixed with rose water and applied locally for skin smoothening, lightening and for improving skin brightness.
  • Sandal wood powder mixed with turmeric and milk can be applied on face to reduce dryness.
  • For skin exfoliation, sandal powder and orange peel powder are mixed in equal amount and scrubbed on face.
  • Paste of sandal wood can be applied on temples and forehead to relieve head ache and high body temperature.

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