Ksheerabala oil is herbal oil extensively used in Ayurvedic treatments. The main ingredient of the oil is Bala( Sida cordifolia) and milk. Ksheerabala oil prepared in sesame oil base is mainly used in musculoskeletal conditions. Various forms of Ksheerabala are prepared by repeated processing with milk. It can be used for external and internal medicinal administration.

Therapeutic effect
• Ksheerabala oil is good for arthritis.
• Due to its soothing potency it’s effective in insomnia and anxiety.
• Effective in Bell’s palsy and Paralysis.
• It is good in gout arthritis.
• Ksheerabala oil is used for dryness of mouth and throat.
• Ksheerabala oil is effective in postnatal treatments and gynecological disease.
• It rejuvenates the body as it contains milk.
• Its cooling effect soothes mind.

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